My take on C94 PLUS trailer!

I put my take of TIW C94 up on Figment, to see if that brought any interest. It’s Star Wars based, go have a look 🙂

I’m also in C95 as a writer, already written it up. You’ll love it!

PLUS I have a trailer for ‘Bethlehem Fiasco’! It’s a scream! my pal DL Zwissler made it for me 🙂

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I’m here!

Hello everyone!

I haven’t used this blog since I opened it…comment if you’re here 🙂

‘Dani’s Shorts 2’ hit 500 free downloads! 🙂

Unfortunately, my fantastic ‘Alice’ short story didn’t ‘make the grade’ with Leap Books…well, I’ll publish it myself 🙂 I’ll also be waiting to read those who DID make the grade and give ’em what they deserve, an Amazon HONEST review.

Still waiting on a cover designer for HOW TO…

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Hello world!

Well, moved my blog from ( to here! (I’ll try almost anything). I received almost 2000 views over there from across the globe, let’s see how well this goes. I’ll be working them in parallel for a while, I guess.

After a month of reading on, I’ve had enough. Even the Top 10 books are clones. There are some good writers and some good books, but they are mostly poor copiers writing poor clones. No wonder it is a slushpile. So, where to next?

‘Man by a tree’ – ‘The Bethlehem Fiasco’ – ‘The Rage of Atlantis’

Do you see a connection?

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